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QEH partnerships

Year 7 went on a team building trip to Osmington Bay PGL centre for a weekend of activities and friendships.

QEH partnerships

Year 7 went on a team building trip to Osmington Bay PGL centre for a weekend of activities and friendships.

QEH pupils present at the BEP Sustainability event at the Bristol City Hall.

QEH is very committed to developing partnerships with other schools and has made significant progress in the last two years.

Primary school partnerships

We now have strong partnerships with two primary schools in less economically advantaged parts of Bristol.

One of our maths teachers, along with a group of Sixth Form volunteers, works with the pupils at Barton Hill primary school for two hours each week.  They support maths and reading, in small groups and individually.

Likewise, a member of the MFL team takes a group of 12 Sixth Formers to Oasis New Oak primary school in Hengrove every Thursday afternoon, reading with individuals and recently starting to run a fortnightly enrichment session. Our Eco coordinator, Nicky Woodfield, has also recently agreed with the New Oak head to visit the school to help establish a team of Eco student reps there.

In addition, our Head of Outdoor Pursuits in the Junior school visits New Oak primary school in Hengrove once a fortnight to work on team-building activities in preparation for joint outdoor activities that we are running with our Year 5 and Year 6 boys. This summer, he took all of the Year 6 pupils from both schools to do joint navigational exercises in the Mendips.

We also provide coach transport to bring students from both of these schools to watch drama performances at QEH. As a result of these partnerships, pupils from both schools have successfully joined the school, with the help of bursaries.

Bristol Education Partnership (BEP)

The Bristol Education Partnership was set up in 2019 with the aim of broadening young people’s experience of education, opening up new opportunities and overcoming disadvantage. It involves six state secondary schools, seven independent schools, St Brendan’s Sixth Form College, University of Bristol, University of the West of England and Bristol City Council.

We joined BEP in September 2021 and since then we have hosted or collaborated in a wide range of activities, such as student and staff leadership training, cross-school student committees, a Teacherfest, joint department activities, a climate conference, and a joint musical concert.

Members of BEP state schools are now routinely invited to many of the events that the school puts on. Recently these have included a Languages in Careers event, an enrichment event for high-fliers, a Worldwide geography quiz and a Psychology Futures Event. We have also given other assistance to BEP events, such as providing our school photographer to take photos at an Eco event at Bristol City Hall. Last Easter was also organised a week-long course for Afghan refugees with help from BEP schools and this is hopefully going to be repeated by other schools within the partnership.

Ollie is a QEH 'lifer', as he joined QEH Juniors in Year 3, eleven years ago.  It's been great to watch his development through the years, both on and off the pitch.

Ollie signs for the Bears!

Huge congratulations to Mark who has joined the top 2% of the population as a member of Mensa. In typical modest fashion, Mark sat the test on a recent weekend and didn't mention it to any of his teachers!

Mark joins Mensa!

As well as being Head of Religion and Philosophy, Zak leads our digital vision. He was instrumental in developing our excellent online learning offering during lockdown, much to the relief of our parents, and is now leading the roll out of our school device programme.

Year 9 rise to the Challenge

On Monday, Year 7 were finally able to go on their long awaited trip to Margam Park!

Year 7 at Margam Park

We are so happy we made the decision to send our son to QEH.  He has settled in quickly and enjoys everything the school has to offer in terms of academic studies and extra-curricular activities.  He goes to school happy and he comes home from school happy.
Julian & Eleni, Current Parents
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