Aims and Values

Aims and Values
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Aims and Values

Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital was founded in 1590 as a ‘hospital or place for the bringing up of poor children or orphans being men children as such shall be born in the city of Bristol…’

Today we educate boys aged 7-16 and are co-educational aged 16-18.


Our overarching aim is:

“to educate and inspire our pupils to take on the challenges of the modern world and to live by their school motto ‘whilst we have time – let us do good.'”


In order to realise our aim, we are committed to inspiring our pupils to achieve more than they imagined possible – both in and out of the classroom. We prioritise individually focussed pastoral care which provides the foundation for an outstanding academic education. We are deeply committed to ensuring a QEH education is accessible to more young people in Bristol. We aspire to be a diverse and inclusive community which seeks to think beyond the conventional and create an inspirational environment where pupils and staff are happy, valued and challenged.


Three core characteristics are at the heart of the QEH community and guide all aspects of school life. We want to provide pupils with the skills and confidence to meet the challenges of the modern world and nurture them to be:



Develop a love of learning that is creative, thoughtful and ambitious; willing to take risks, show resilience and be adaptable.



Show empathy, understanding and vulnerability; value the contributions of others and are open, honest and trustworthy.



Keen to fulfil their potential as optimistic well-rounded individuals; committed to making a difference in their community and the wider world.


Further details of our aims, vision, values and strategic objectives can be found here.

Pupils have led the way in recognising differences within the school, by setting up groups for those of particular faith or for gender differences and they are very supportive of each other.
ISI Report, December 2022

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