Medical And Health

Medical And Health
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Medical and Health

Medical care and health advice are provided by the School Nurse Team who are on duty during the school’s working day for all QEH pupils, parents, staff and visitors.

The medical details of all pupils are kept in the Health Centre and teaching staff are provided with a list of pupils with specific conditions (with parents’ consent) that may adversely affect any part of their school life.


The Treatment Room is open for accidents, injuries and illnesses. Detailed medical records are kept of everyone seen in the Health Centre and parents are notified as soon as possible of any problems. Medicines are kept in locked cabinets and records are kept securely.


The Health & Safety Committee meets once a term to review and analyse all accidents.

The three qualified School Nurses are Mrs Lucy Kelly (RCN), Mrs Naomi Southcombe (RCN) and Mrs Helen Walsh (RN). Additionally, many of the teaching staff are First Aiders.


If any parents or pupils would like details about medical matters, please contact the School Nurse team on 0117 930 3062 or at


Prescribed medication can be taken at school with parental authorisation. The appropriate form can be downloaded from the Parent Portal.

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