GCSE Results

GCSE Results
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GCSE Results

The school is delighted for the pupils who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and the results are a tribute to their hard work.  

“We are tremendously proud of our pupils’ excellent GCSE results. They have demonstrated dedication and resilience throughout their studies, and these achievements are a testament to their abilities and the support of our staff and parents.” said Rupert Heathcote, Head of QEH.

Year 11 has been a busy year group and the pupils have still found time to be involved in a wide variety of co-curricular activities whilst keeping on top of their studies. We look forward to welcoming them to Sixth Form in September.” 

Almost half of the grades awarded were 8s or 9s, in subjects across the curriculum, reaffirming QEH’s dedication to fostering well-rounded individuals. Ten pupils were overjoyed to see all their results as this exceptional level. 

Mr Heathcote added,

 “Our passionate and dedicated teaching staff have played an instrumental role in inspiring and supporting our pupils throughout their academic journey. Their commitment to excellence and the holistic development of our pupils is truly outstanding.” 

Since joining the school, we have been constantly amazed by the support and kindness given by the teachers, staff and other pupils and, above all, by the injection of fun that infiltrates throughout whether they're playing sport, completing a science project and participating in a school play.  No doubt there will be challenges ahead but we're confident the school will provide the support and guidance that has our sons' best interests at heart.
Michelle, Current Parent

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