Performing Arts

Performing Arts
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Performing Arts

Through music, words and theatre, children explore and express feelings they can’t necessarily articulate in other ways. In doing so, they embark on a lifelong journey appreciating beauty and excellence. They also grow in stature and confidence, becoming young adults who are happy in their own skin.

Music and Drama are on the curriculum in Years 7, 8 and 9 and both subjects are available at GCSE and A-level. In the Sixth Form we also offer Music Technology as an A-level subject. The school has invested heavily in facilities for Performing Arts, with a purpose built 220 seat theatre, and the recent addition of further performing spaces and music rooms within the Music department.

Outside of the classroom there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with Music and Drama, regardless of whether your child has chosen them as an exam subject including choirs, ensembles, annual shows. Those interested in the ‘tech’ side of theatre are supoported and mentored to ‘run the desk’ during concerts, open mic nights and ultimately shows.

Performing Arts

Since joining the school, we have been constantly amazed by the support and kindness given by the teachers, staff and other pupils and, above all, by the injection of fun that infiltrates throughout whether they're playing sport, completing a science project and participating in a school play.  No doubt there will be challenges ahead but we're confident the school will provide the support and guidance that has our sons' best interests at heart.
Michelle, Current Parent

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