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Welcome to Admissions at QEH

On the following pages you can find all the information about entry to our Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form.

Junior School

Families can choose a QEH education in younger years by joining our Junior School. Located next to our Senior School, our Junior School is for boys aged 7-11 (Years 3-6). Our main entry points are at Year 3 and Year 5. We will recruit into Years 4 and 6 should places become available.


Senior School

Boys are invited to apply to QEH Senior School for entry into Year 7. We will recruit into Year 9 should places become available.


Sixth Form

Girls and boys are invited to apply into our co-educational Sixth Form from other independent and maintained schools.

The first step of our admissions journey is to speak with our Admissions team.

The Admissions Team will be able to talk more about life at QEH, discuss your child’s application and let you know about availability. The Admissions team will then arrange for you to visit to see the school in action and to meet the Head, either at an Open Morning or with an individual visit.

If you wanted to proceed with an application, we would then ask you to register your child. This is done by completing our online application form and by making the £60 registration payment.

If you require any further information, please contact our Admissions Team, they would be delighted to hear from you.


We look forward to welcoming you to QEH soon.

For Senior School and Sixth Form Enquiries please contact Mrs Matthews or Mrs Cussen:


For Junior School Enquiries please contact Mrs Rayment:

Admissions Team

Mrs Carolyn Matthews


Mrs Anna Cussen

Senior School Admissions Officer

Mrs Tessa Rayment

Mrs Tessa Rayment

Junior School Admissions Officer

Why QEH Senior School?

Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital is no ordinary school. These pages show a little of those special qualities which make QEH unique, but you need to visit and meet our students to understand fully why QEH is so different from other schools in Bristol and beyond.

With only 650 Senior and 100 Junior day pupils, we know every student. Individuals truly matter here. Whether they are talking to boys in Year 7 or girls in our Sixth Form, visitors comment on the friendliness and confidence of our pupils, while they in turn speak about how well they get on with each other and the staff.

We are academically selective but not socially exclusive. There’s a good mix of people at QEH. Examination results at QEH are outstanding. It is a pleasure to work in such a unique place and a privilege to play a part in shaping the lives of the young people of QEH.

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Hear more from our Head

Any parent choosing a school for their child wants to know the answer to the question ‘Why here?’ I hope that the information on these pages will help you explore why you might choose QEH. We’ll give you a real insight into the warmth and friendliness of our close-kinit community, the liveliness and breadth of our curriculum, the rich co-curricular activities and the strong values we instil in our pupils.

With only 670 Senior and 100 Junior day pupils, we know every pupil. Whether they are talking to boys in Year 7 or girls in our Sixth Form, visitors comment on the friendliness and confidence of our pupils, while they in turn speak about how well they get on with each other and the staff.

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Boys Only

We believe that, in the earlier years of school, boys learn best this way.

At QEH, we understand boys and teach in ways that suit them. We know their foibles, their tendency to leave things until the last moment and their need to be active in their learning. And we understand how to coax them out of the teenage blues.

In a boys’ only environment – in our lower and middle school – boys are freer to acknowledge their feelings and develop self-confidence, and are less likely to succumb to unhelpful stereotypes of subjects or activities being ‘for boys’ or ‘for girls’. This means they’re just as happy to read a poem in assembly, sing in the choir and perform on the stage as they are to play in the rugby or football team.

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We aim to produce young adults who are well-educated not just well-qualified. Small classes, a positive work ethic and teachers with a real passion for their subject create a learning environment where students are stretched, not stressed.

All our boys are bright but they have different academic needs: some are gifted mathematicians and go on to distinguish themselves in national competitions; others are talented linguists. Many love science and go on to become doctors or engineers; others love reading and writing, expressing themselves elegantly in poems and essays. Some like the cut and thrust of debate in politics and history, whilst others like to work creatively or collaboratively in art, music and drama.

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Pupils need to feel happy and safe at school. If they do, they are free to enjoy their learning and they can explore new opportunities with confidence..

People often comment on how self-assured and well mannered our pupils are. Their friendly spirit and good behaviour are partly the result of unobtrusive but strong pastoral care.

In a school our size, we know every student. Each one has a personal Tutor and a Head of Year, and the School Counsellor is available to all. If something goes wrong, we spot it and, most importantly, we work hard to solve the problem effectively and sensitively.

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Lower School (Years 7 and 8)

From the outside QEH may appear daunting, especially for new boys to the school. On the inside, however, it is a totally different story.

Introduction to Life at QEH

New boys and parents are invited to meet staff, tour the building and speak to their son’s future tutors in the Summer term before they join. The boys are also invited to spend a day at school to experience some lessons and to enjoy a visit to the Sports Ground. Above all, the boys will be able to get to know their new school friends, taking some of the worry out of that first official day in September.

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Year 9

Year 9 is distinctly defined at QEH, being between the Lower and Middle School and offering boys unique challenges and opportunities.

Experienced staff guide Year 9s in the transition from Year 8 to GCSE, helping them to flourish, knowing that physically and emotionally they develop at different rates. Some boys will battle with adolescence much earlier than others and you may notice that your son seems less communicative as the year goes on. Others remain immature in their outlook and may struggle with the serious choices facing them in the Spring term. Friendship groups may also change which is unsettling for some, particularly as they enter new form groups.

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Middle School (Years 10 and 11)

The transition through the Middle School is a pivotal period between the early years of secondary school and university preparation in the Sixth Form.

We are aware of the dramatic series of physical and emotional changes that occur between the ages of 14 and 16 as boys cope with the challenges of adolescence. They are encouraged to develop positively their new found opinions and independence, whilst realising the aims of the Middle School:

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Medical and Health

Medical care and health advice are provided by the School Nurse Team who are on duty during the school’s working day for all QEH pupils, parents, staff and visitors.

The medical details of all pupils are kept in the Health Centre and teaching staff are provided with a list of pupils with specific conditions (with parents’ consent) that may adversely affect any part of their school life.

The Treatment Room is open for accidents, injuries and illnesses. Detailed medical records are kept of everyone seen in the Health Centre and parents are notified as soon as possible of any problems. Medicines are kept in locked cabinets and records are kept securely.

The Health & Safety Committee meets once a term to review and analyse all accidents.

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Our contract caterers, Holroyd Howe, provide first-class lunches for our pupils. These offer a healthy, balanced, nutritious diet each day for our pupils. Holroyd Howe also provide excellent breakfasts, which are available for pupils to purchase, and catering for special functions.

To ensure that all pupils are catered for, there are times that you may need to discuss individual needs with us. We request you contact either the School Nurse or the Catering Department

Frequently asked questions:

What sort of meals can I expect my child to have at school?

Each day we provide a range of meal options, including hot main courses, vegetarian and vegan options, pasta/jacket potatoes, salads, fruit and vegetables, and hot and cold desserts. View typical menus here.

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