2023 Senior Sixth Form

Peer Support at QEH

Year 7 enjoyed a smashing night out last week bowling with their Peer Supporters.

Peer Support at QEH

Year 7 enjoyed a smashing night out last week bowling with their Peer Supporters.

Year 7 enjoyed a smashing night out last week bowling with their Peer Supporters.

Peer Support is a key element of the pastoral support at QEH which has been running for almost 30 years. All boys in Year 7 are assigned a Peer Supporter from Year 13 whom they meet with every Thursday morning in groups of 3 – 5.

With agenda items ranging from playing games of Uno, discussing issues of cultural significance such as World Mental Health Day or Black History Month to chatting about academic issues such as how they are coping with homework or setting targets for the future.

Outside of the weekly meetings, fun evening social events are organised with Year 7 and their Peer Supporters such as the recent bowling night, with another social event due to take place during the spring term.

Peer supporters also provide our Year 7 pupils with another person that they can speak to about any issues that may be troubling them.

For our Sixth Formers, being a Peer Supporter is a process that starts in the summer term of their Year 12 by submitting an application form. Successful candidates are then giving training in listening, empathy and small group management.

As well as gaining enjoyment and immense satisfaction from the role, being a Peer Supporter develops our Sixth Formers leadership and management skills whilst they act as big brothers or sisters to the younger pupils.

Year 7 boys meet their Peer Supporter on their Induction Day, prior to joining QEH Senior School, so this support also greatly helps the boys settle into their new school.

To learn more about Peer Supporters, you may also enjoy listening to a previous QEH Podcast episode which covered this crucial area.

Mr Verry, Head of Digital Strategy and Peer Support 

“Being a Peer Supporter is extremely rewarding and it creates a closer community here at QEH” 

Scarlett, Year 13

“The peer supporters are very kind to us and always listen to our suggestions that we make. They’re brilliant at sharing their knowledge of QEH which makes our life easier. Peer support bowling was great fun and we enjoyed teaching the Sixth Formers a few tricks!” 

Year 7 boy

Ollie is a QEH 'lifer', as he joined QEH Juniors in Year 3, eleven years ago.  It's been great to watch his development through the years, both on and off the pitch.

Ollie signs for the Bears!

Huge congratulations to Mark who has joined the top 2% of the population as a member of Mensa. In typical modest fashion, Mark sat the test on a recent weekend and didn't mention it to any of his teachers!

Mark joins Mensa!

As well as being Head of Religion and Philosophy, Zak leads our digital vision. He was instrumental in developing our excellent online learning offering during lockdown, much to the relief of our parents, and is now leading the roll out of our school device programme.

We will remember them

Our Year 7 students were busy bees during their enrichment sessions last week, making eco-friendly lip balm from beeswax, olive oil and coconut oil.

Eco Updates

Pupils have led the way in recognising differences within the school, by setting up groups for those of particular faith or for gender differences and they are very supportive of each other.
ISI Report, December 2022
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