There are frequent contacts with other schools in Bristol, both social and academic.  

There are opportunities to attend lectures and plays at other schools and the two universities.  

Students are also encouraged to get involved with the wider community through volunteering.

Recent activities have include: Salsa; workshops on personal skills; joint theatre productions; social events such as the Leavers' Ball; lectures at Bristol University; joint General Studies programmes; Open Days; Youth Parliament and debating competitions.

The Sixth Form has a long tradition of taking the lead in raising funds for charities and runs the charity committee for the whole school, including the popular Children in Need fundraising.  

Recently, Sixth Formers were heavily involved in raising over £35,000 to support stem cell treatment.

Volunteering is a popular and valuable option for many in our Sixth Form.  

Students are offered the opportunity to go outside school and into the community as an option on games afternoons.  Currently 20-30 students take part in this scheme.

There are frequent trips abroad, many exclusive to the Sixth Form, and opportunities to travel (there is even a £1000 John James Travel Award to be won!). Whether your interest is drama, debating, music, sport, philosophy or poetry, there is something for everyone!

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