Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys... but only if they have the chance to be themselves! Boys learn in a different way from girls and thrive in a single-sex school.

In general, boys like to be adventurous and active in their learning. They love spontaneity and the opportunity to express an opinion. In science they can't wait to do practical work. In art and drama they can be wonderfully imaginative and creative.

Whatever the subject, they're eager to ask questions and to take risks. We teach in ways that suit boys. We also understand their foibles and their tendency to leave things to the last minute and we're pretty good at coaxing them out of teenage blues!

Without girls in class in Years 7 to 11, QEH boys are freer to acknowledge their feelings and be creative, developing self-confidence without the strain and complication of trying to impress the opposite sex. Boys will respond maturely to literature, sing in the choir, act on stage, read a poem in assembly and play for their rugby team - all because they are less shy about developing whatever talents they have.

September 2017 saw our first co-educational Sixth Form and we welcomed the girls joining QEH for their A level studies. As we will remain a single sex school for Year 11 and below, our boys will continue to be in great demand. We join with girls' schools in drama and music, in debating and public speaking and there are trips together with girls' schools. Our younger boys will still be popular at the joint discos held with at least three girls' schools.

So, our boys have the best of both worlds!

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