Physical Wellbeing


As well as looking after the minds of our students, it is important that our boys are physically healthy  – this involves educating them about the importance of a healthy diet, providing them with physical exercise, and ensuring they are competent at First Aid.

Boys will be given guidance on how to produce healthy meals for themselves, and will be able to step into the kitchen to develop their culinary skills.  Alongside this, students will also be given strenuous exercise sessions, to encourage them to develop their cardiovascular fitness.

Given the popularity of Outdoor Pursuits at QEH, there will also be sessions that will test our students in this area, as well as helping them form and maintain good friendships. This will include basic bush-craft skills, hiking and climbing, and guidance to help students take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The Physical Wellbeing module will help pupils to develop a strong character, and prepare them to enter the next phase of their lives as leaders with appropriate confidence, aspiration and skills.

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