Scholarship Programme/Gifted and Talented

QEH, by nature of its selective enrolment, has a large number of boys who are gifted and talented. A variety of enrichment opportunities is in place for these boys, details of which can be found in our Gifted and Talented Enrichment Programme leaflet.

The Scholarship Programme is designed to meet the learning needs of students of very high academic ability, by providing a continuous programme of academic enrichment from Years 7 - 11.  The Scholarship Programme represents the third tier in the school's Gifted and Talented provision and aims to stretch and challenge our most academically able boys so that they maintain their enthusiasm for learning and engagement with their studies.  Overall, they represent the top    10 -15% of students from each Year group across a range of subject areas.

The Tier 3 programme is guided by the long term goals of encouraging these boys to take greater ownership of their learning so that they may develop their critical thinking skills beyond the requirements for GCSE.

We hope they may become more independent as learners and hone their skills of critical reading, reflection and expression so that they will be better prepared for success at A-Level, at university and ultimately in theri chosen professions.  More details are available in the Scholarship Programme booklet.

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