The Library has an elevated position at the top of the school and  is a hub of activity with well stocked, current resources and IT facilities.

Resources include a stock in excess of 10,000 books with subscriptions to daily newspapers such as The Times. Informed opinion can be sought by pupils from The Economist, Private Eye, New Scientist and a further 32 periodicals.

Online Access

The Library catalogue of books/resources is available online and can be accessed via our student portal.

The Library has a separate computer suite with Internet link and projector for film and whiteboard work.

Reader Development

To promote wider reading and develop the reading culture of the school the Library actively organises events:

 • Library Lessons – Reading is encouraged as part of the curriculum. In partnership with the English department, Year 7 have a weekly timetabled Library lesson.
Year 8 and 9 have Reading Registrations and Library lessons as past of the Enrichment Programme.
• Author Visits
• Government Initiatives - 'Book Buzz' means that every Year 7 receives a free book.

Pupil Librarians

Pupil Librarians from each Year group assist the Librarian. The role of Head Librarian is awarded each year to a pupil in the Upper Sixth who has been an active pupil Librarian during his QEH career.

What to Read?

Recommended Reading Lists are available in a downloadable format for younger and older readers.

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