Lessons in English, history, geography and religious studies are lively and interactive as well as encouraging boys to be outward and confident in their thinking.

The curriculum is balanced and broad-based in the early years, and shaped in a way that is particularly relevant and stimulating to boys. We are aware, for example, that boys' performance in subjects such as English is a national concern with evidence showing boys' reading being considerably enhanced in an all boys' school.

In subjects such as history, geography and religion & philosophy boys are enthusiastic about their findings, writing and discussing with purpose and without the self-consciousness characterised by mixed sex situations.

Humanities subjects go on being extremely popular amongst our boys through GCSE to A-level and university. At A-level, options in government and politics, economics and business studies add further variety to the menu of subjects on offer.

PSHE is taught at all levels and the school's own purpose-built theatre provides the venue for a stimulating programme of lectures in general studies for Sixth Form. Conferences, lectures run by the Geographical Association, plays and debates are also frequently in the flexible space offered by the QEH Theatre.

Many sixth formers enjoy the Philosophy Society which is hosted by Redmaids' High School and provides an opportunity to discuss philosophical, theological and ethical issues with the girls.

Boys' opportunities to appreciate the outside world do not stop at the classroom door. One example is in the national and local reputation that QEH has earned for debating and public speaking in competitions organised by the English Speaking Union, the Cambridge Union, Oxford University, Bristol University, Bristol Rotary, The Electoral Reform Society as well as The European Youth Parliament.

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