The Junior School Library is housed in a bright sunny room on the first floor and is open throughout the school day.

Books borrowed from a Library have a different but complementary role to books from the reading scheme. Reading scheme books have to be read while Library books are a choice. Reading for pleasure is an important life enhancing skill and we do all we can to encourage the boys to develop a love of books and reading. Each boy has his own unique reader ID number which enables him to borrow and return his own books, using the computer based Library system.

We have a varied selection of boy friendly fiction and a wide range of non fiction too. These non fiction resources support the subjects taught in class but also offer fact packed reading material for fact hungry boys. We have books on Lego as well as Life Cycles, both Minecraft and the Middle Ages!

Boys in Year 5 can apply for the position of Library Assistant. The assistants help other boys find books, keep the Library tidy and re-shelve books.

We encourage parents to play their part too by sharing books with their sons and continuing to read aloud to them. There is an almost overwhelming array of children's books and so parents are welcome in the Library too, between 8.30am and 8.45am, 3.45pm and 4.00pm to help their sons choose books or to choose something to read aloud at bedtime! If you and your son have a favourite book that is not in the Library, please send an email to our Librarian.

View the Junior School Online Library System.

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