Inspection Reports

QEH had a Compliance Inspection in September 2018, in which the School was judged to be compliant in all areas and is meeting all the required standardd and regulations.   There are no judgements of quality in this sort of inspection.  The full report can be found here.

Our most recent full inspection took place in December 2014 and the reports were published in early 2015.

For QEH Senior School the main findings state:"The school is highly successful in meeting its aims. Academic achievement is excellent; pupils perform strongly in all subjects, and make good progress to GCSE and rapid progress to A level.”

The report also says: “The pupils’ personal development is excellent. Pupils develop a strong spiritual awareness and a keen sense of right and wrong. They are friendly, polite and enthusiastic about their experiences at school. Relationships between pupils and staff, and amongst pupils, are characterised by humour, warmth and mutual respect."

The full report can be found here.

For QEH Junior School the main findings state:"The Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital Junior School is highly successful in meeting its aims. The achievements of the pupils are excellent, both in their academic studies and also in the wide range of sporting, musical, dramatic and extra-curricular activities. Their enthusiastic and positive approach to learning is a strength of the school.”

The report also says: “The pupils’ personal development and the school’s provision of personal care are both excellent. Strong spiritual, moral, social and cultural outcomes can be seen in the pupils’ self-confidence, ability to reflect and social awareness.”

The full report is available here.

QEH Headmaster, Mr Stephen Holliday, says: "For a school to be graded excellent in achievement and learning, curricular and extra-curricular provision, teaching, pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural development, pastoral care and leadership and management is a fine tribute to all that goes on here and, in no small part, due to the enthusiasm and talent of our boys who were praised highly at many stages during the inspection week."

Chairman of Governors, Mr David Smart, states: "I am proud to be associated with a school where the achievements of Headmaster, staff and pupils are seen to represent the aims and ethos so fully within the school as well as in the wider community."

A few headlines: academic achievement is excellent; pupils’ performed strongly in all subjects; achievement outside the classroom is also excellent; teaching is excellent and makes a significant contribution to the pupils’ overall attainments; the pupils’ personal development is excellent: they are friendly, polite, enthusiastic and enthusiastic about their experiences at school; the pastoral care provided is excellent; and leadership and management within the school are excellent.

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